lundi 15 avril 2013

Zagnif Nori "The Meridian Gem"

Zagnif Nori's debut solo album "The Meridian Gem" is finally here! Get your copy today and spread the word!

"The Meridian Gem" features appearances from Crucial The Guillotine, Danamic, Illy Vas, Kaotny, Sleeps, Kevlaar 7, & Heaven Razah (Hell Razah). Zagnif Nori's debut solo album "The Meridian Gem" is a straight raw hip-hop album detailing gritty life, the streets, world politics, and much more. Incredible vision, lyricism, and hard beats keep the listener intrigued until the end.

Please view the following link to stream/purchase the album:

01: "The Overture"
02: "Poor Kings"
03: "Zubair"
04: "Judas Shareholders Pt. II"
05: "II" featuring Illy Vas & Danamic
06: "Old Gold" featuring Danamic, Crucial The Guillotine, & Kaotny
07: "Element 26" featuring Crucial The Guillotine
08: "Faridat"
09: "Lost Children"
10: "Concrete Doctrines" featuring Sleeps & Kaotny
11: "Burial" featuring Illy Vas
12: "Hadid Nori"
13: "Seven Tiers" featuring Illy Vas
14: "Valley of Kings" featuring Kaotny
15: "Pyramid Builders" featuring Heaven Razah, Kevlaar 7, & Illy Vas
16: "Egalitarian" featuring Noble Scity
17: "Gem Star"


Respect and peace to all!

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